For Polish Learners: 18 Awesome Ways to Say Hello in Polish

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How do you say hello in Polish?

This is the first word you should KNOW if you’re learning Polish. That’s why, you’ll learn 15 ways to say Hello in Polish. Not 1. But 18 – why? Because the more you know – the better and more fluent you become. Some are NOT LITERAL hellos but can be used as greetings regardless. So take this Polish lesson…

  • Read, review, and read out loud
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
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18 Awesome Ways to Say Hello in Polish

As you read and learn these ways to say hello in Polish, also listen to the audio lesson (provided by the PolishPod101 learning program – click here to check them out for more lessons) so you can hear the real pronunciation. Just press the play button on the black player below.

1. Hello in Polish

  • Hello
  • Cześć!
  • Sounds like: Chesht

So here’s how you say hello. The first and most obvious phrase of this lesson. If you can only remember 1 thing from this article, let this word be the one.

say hello in polish

2. Yo!

  • Yo!
  • Siema!
  • Sounds like: Syema

Yo is a very common greeting with young people around the world – the US, the UK, even Japan and cf course, Poland too.

say hello in polish

3. How’s your day in Polish

  • How’s your day?
  • Jak leci?
  • Sounds like: Yak lechi

Yes, this is not a literal way to say hello in Polish. But, it’s used as a greeting, right? As such, you can definitely use it as a way to say hello.

say hello in polish

4. How are you feeling?

  • How are you feeling?
  • Jak się pan?
  • Sounds like: Yak shi pan?

5. How to say Hey! in Polish

  • Hey!
  • Hej!
  • Sounds like: Hey

Hey is pretty informal and the good news is, it sounds exactly the same in Polish.

say hello in polish

6. It’s nice to meet you in Polish

  • It’s nice to meet you
  • Miło cię poznać.
  • Sounds like: Miwo che poznat

say hello in polish

7. How are things?

  • How are things?
  • Co słychać?
  • Sounds like: Tso tswihach?

8. How’s it going?

  • How’s it going?
  • Jak leci?
  • Sounds like: Yak lechi

say hello in polish

9. Good morning in Polish

  • Good morning.
  • Dzień dobry.
  • Sounds like: Djin dobri

It’s 8AM in Poland and you see someone, what do you say? Good morning of course!

say hello in polish

10.  Good afternoon in Polish

  • Good afternoon.
  • Dzień dobry.
  • Sounds like: Djin dobri

Now, let’s say it’s now 12PM. You use the same exact phrase you learned above! Yep, saying good afternoon in Polish is exactly the same as saying good morning. Easy, huh?

say hello in polish

11. Good evening in Polish

  • Good evening
  • Dobry wieczór.
  • Sounds like: Dobri viechoor

At around 6PM you can safely change to “good evening.”

say hello in polish

12. What’s up in Polish

  • What’s up?
  • Jak tam?
  • Sounds like: Yak tam?

Another must-know phrase as a way to say hello in Polish. It is very informal but it is used everywhere so you won’t lose by learning it.

say hello in polish

13. How are you in Polish

  • How are you?
  • Jak się masz?
  • Sounds like: Yak she mash?

This is just a good phrase to know regardless of whether you use it as a greeting or not. Some can start a conversation with it so adding it to this lesson makes sense.

say hello in polish

14. Long time no see in Polish

  • Long time no see.
  • Dawno się nie widzieliśmy.
  • Sounds like: Davno shi ni videlishme

say hello in polish

15. How have you been?

  • How have you been?
  • Co u ciebie?
  • Sounds like: Tso oo chebye?

say hello in polish

16. It’s nice to see you again.

  • It’s nice to see you again.
  • Miło cię widzieć.
  • Sounds like: Miwo che weedjit

say hello in polish

17. How’s everything in Polish

  • How’s everything?
  • Jak leci?
  • Sounds like: Yak lechi

say hello in polish

18. What’s new?

  • What’s new?
  • Co nowego?
  • Sounds like: Tso novego?

For your convenience, here’s a quick table of all of the phrases you learned above.

Polish English
Cześć! Hello
Siema! Yo!
Jak leci? How’s your day?
Jak się pan?
How are you feeling?
Hej! Hey!
Miło cię poznać.
It’s nice to meet you
Co słychać? How are things?
Jak leci? How’s it going?
Dzień dobry. Good morning.
Dzień dobry. Good afternoon.
Dobry wieczór. Good evening
Jak tam? What’s up?
Jak się masz? How are you?
Dawno się nie widzieliśmy.
Long time no see.
Co u ciebie?
How have you been?
Miło cię widzieć.
It’s nice to see you again.
Jak leci?
How’s everything?
Co nowego? What’s new?

Now you know 18 variations. Do you know of other unique ways to say Hello in Polish? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. I read all the comments!

– PDF Jeff

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