For Polish Learners: 13 Good Ways to Say Bye in Polish

PolishPOd101 Learn PolishHi there! How do you say bye in Polish?

Here, you learn 13 ways to say Bye in Polish. Not 1. But 13 – why? Because the more you know – the better and more fluent you become. Some are NOT LITERAL bye but can still be used as parting greetings. So take this Polish lesson…

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13 Good Ways to Say Bye in Polish

While you review this, also check out this free Audio Lesson (thanks to PolishPod101 – a Polish learning program – click here to get more lessons) that teaches you a few greetings and parting greetings in Polish. Just press the play button on the black player below.

  • 3-Minute Polish – Lesson #3 – Greetings

1. Bye in Polish

  • Bye
  • Pa

say bye in polish

This is the easiest, must-know way to say Goodbye. It’s very easy to spell [Pa]. Just remember, his is not a formal way to say “Goodbye”. Friends (mostly girls) always say [Pa].

2. Bye in Polish 2

  • Bye
  • Cześć
  • Pronounced: Che-sh-ch

say bye in polish

This is another informal way to say bye in Polish – used by young people. Very commonly used. The thing is that this word means “hi” and “bye” at the same time, so you can say [Che-sh-ch] at the beginning and at the end.

3. Goodbye in Polish

  • Goodbye
  • Do widzenia
  • Pronounced: Do vidzenya

say bye in polish

This is a general, polite way to say goodbye or bye in Polish. If you want to be polite in ending the conversation, use it. You can use this with your friends, but it’d be a bit strange to be so formal with friends. It’s better just to say [Pa] or [Na razie].

4. See you in Polish

  • See you
  • Na razie
  • Transliteration: Na rashie

say bye in polish

Two quick words to say “See you” in Polish. I’d say this is the most popular informal way to say bye, and people in Poland use it often. It’s informal, you can use it with friends. Though girls like to say [Pa] and guys use more [Na razie]. But, it doesn’t really matter, it’s okay if you use both.

5. See you in Polish

  • See you later
  • Do zobaczenia
  • Pronounced: Do zhobachenya

say bye in polish

You can say this phrase to anybody because it sounds polite, but young people rather say [Na razie] than [Do zobaczenia]. If you want to show courtesy by saying “see you later,” add “later” – “póżniej.”  As a result, we have [Do zobaczenia póżniej] – in English, it’s pronounced as: Do zhobache:nya pushniey.

6. See ya in Polish

  • See ya
  • Do zoba
  • Pronounced: Do zoba

say bye in polish

{Do zobaczenia} is polite, so we need to follow up with something casual. In Poland, that young people like to use their own slang; that they make shorter versions of proper words/phrases. Instead of [Do zobaczenia] they just say [Do zoba].

7. See you tomorrow

  • See you tomorrow
  • Do jutra
  • Pronounced: Do you-tra

say bye in polish

{Do jutra} is a common way to say “See you tomorrow”. Good phrase, which you can use everywhere, with friends or with colleagues at work.

8. Good night in Polish

  • Dobranoc
  • Good night
  • Pronounced: Dubranoch

say bye in polish

10. Good luck in Polish

  • Good luck
  • Powodzenia
  • Pronounced: Povodzenia

say bye in polish

{Povodzenia} is a great word to say at the end of the conversation. Polish people use this word when they want to show courtesy at the end of the dialogue. {Povodzenie} means {luck} and {Povodzenia} means {Have a good luck}.

Slang Ways to Say Bye in Polish

10. See ya

  • See ya!
  • Narka!

say bye in polish

11. Bye! (slang)

  • Bye
  • Hejka
  • Pronounced: Heyka

say bye in polish

The word “Hejka” comes from the word “Hej” and is used to say either hi or bye in Polish by young people.

12. Goodbye (slang)

  • Goodbye
  • żegnaj
  • Pronounced: zhechnay

say bye in polish

13. So long/take care

  • So long/take care
  • trzymaj się
  • Pronounced: trshymay shie

say bye in polish

For your review, I made a quick reference table of all of the phrases above.

English Polish
Bye Pa
Bye Cześć
Goodbye Do widzenia
See you Na razie
See you later Do zobaczenia
See ya Do zoba
See you tomorrow Do jutra
Good night Dobranoc
Good luck Powodzenia
See ya! Narka!
Bye Hejka
Goodbye żegnaj
So long/take care trzymaj się

Now you know 13 ways to say BYE in Polish. Do you know other ways? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. I read all the comments! Want to know how to say hello? Check the link to the lesson below:

– PDF Jeff

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