5 Best Polish Textbooks – A List For Beginners

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Looking for Polish textbooks? Great! Textbooks are a safe, simple way to learn Polish – the alphabet, reading, writing, vocab and grammar. You’re guided from page 0 to 200 until you’re done.

Are textbooks the answer to being fluent? Not really. You can also try learning with Polish learning programs. But they’re a no-risk, reliable start for any Polish learner. So, take a look.

Here’s a list of 5 best Polish textbooks for beginners.
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Now, remember, there’s not a lot of friendly Polish textbooks out there…

1. Polish For Dummies

DON’T LET THE TITLE DECEIVE YOU. Polish is tough, no doubt and I won’t tell you that it’s “easy.” But this book is an introduction for NEW beginner learners with no experience. You learn everything you need from the alphabet, pronunciation and phrases, to conversations and all the grammar that beginners should know. And at 442 pages plus an Audio CD, you get a LOT. Arguably, a very good textbook.

Bonus – you don’t NEED to know Polish or the alphabet to start learning with this.

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2. Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners

Another great first step for Beginners. You also don’t need to know the alphabet to start. Why do I say this? Quite a lot Polish textbooks are very academic, low on English and not friendly to easy-going learners. Colloquial Polish has 392 pages and starts you from the Alphabet and pronunciation. Then, you jump into 18 units (like mini-chapters) where you build up on conversions (2 dialogues per unit), grammar, vocabulary and tons of explanations.

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3. First Polish Reader for Beginners

This 134 page story book gives you stories in BOTH Polish and English. Then, it teaches you new words with follow-up vocabulary lists. So, if you learned the alphabet and want to start reading, I highly recommend this. It starts from really low level stories (like Run Spot Run) and builds up in difficulty. Highly recommended to Beginners that can read and need a boost in vocab.

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4. Lonely Planet Polish Phrasebook & Dictionary

At 256 pages and for just $5.99, this is a super cheap bargain for any learner. Now, this is not really a Polish textbook but more so of a phrasebook. So, if you’re traveling… or if you just want more words and phrases in your head, I highly suggest it. That’s why I mention it here – especially for cautious beginners. I couldn’t say no to that price but remember, it’s not a complete, comprehensive, one-stop-shop book.

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5. Hurra!!! Po Polsku: Student’s Textbook v. 1

Warning – you need to know how to read Polish to use this textbook. Don’t get it if you can’t read or don’t have a Polish speaker next you. Aside from that, it’s strong point is that makes Polish grammar very easy. And that’s impressive because it’s NOT EASY. Plus, your reading skills will shoot through the roof because this FORCES Polish on you until you succeed. Tough love! Maybe better for upper Beginner level students.

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By the way, as you can see by the banners I have above and below… I also do recommend PolishPod101.com (click here) for their Audio and Video Lessons. Yes, it’s no Polish textbook, but it’s a good online course for speaking, listening and mastering Polish conversation. That site would be a perfect supplement with whatever textbooks or dictionary you’re using.

Check it out and decide on your own.

Do you have any best Polish textbooks that you swear by and recommend? Please leave me a comment. I read them all. I’ll add more as I go along.

– Written by PDF Jeff

P.S. I highly recommend this for Polish learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Polish with 600+ Audio & Video courses by Polish teachers – Sign up for free at PolishPod101.com and start learning! Very nice learning system. Click Here to visit PolishPod101.com & try it out.

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