How to Learn Polish in 5 Minutes a Day (STUDY TOOLS inside)

So, you want to learn Polish in 5 minutes… a day, right?

Wait, stop.

Before you disagree about how “impossible it is,” you’re right. While you can’t learn 2,000+ words, tons of grammar rules and pronunciation in 5 minutes…

…you can INDEED learn Polish in a few minutes (say 5) per day.

In fact, it is smart to learn Polish in 5 minutes a day. It is smart to look for “easy” ways to learn. Think about it. Things that are easy to start, are easy to do, continue…. and accomplish.

If you can stick with something, you master it. Same thing goes with Polish.

So, here’s how you can learn Polish in 5 minutes a day.

learn polish in 5 minutes

1. Listen to Audio Lessons

  • Time Duration: 3 – 15 minutes

Let’s say you’re walking somewhere.

Or, you’re on the train.

Just like with music, you can easily pop in your headphones and listen to a Polish Audio Lesson. Where you hear a Polish conversation and then teachers explain every word.

Listening to audio lessons is an easy way to consume and learn Polish. Easier than reading textbooks.

Here are some examples of what you will experience.

  • Survival Phrases – Lesson #1 – How to Say Thank You (4 minutes & 55 seconds)

Here are some phrases from this lesson:

  • Dziękuję bardzo
    • Thank you very much.
  • Dziękuję
    • Thank you

3-Minute Polish #1 – Self Introduction (4 minutes & 9 seconds)

Here are some phrases from this lesson:

  • Cześć! Jestem ____. Miło mi.
    • Hello. I am ____. Nice to meet you.

How to get these audio lessons

  1. Click here to sign up for a free lifetime account at PolishPod101
  2. Once you’re a member, visit the Lesson Library for lessons
  3. Also, check out the “newest lessons.” All new lessons are free.

2. Polish Word of the Day Lessons

  • Time Duration: 1 minute or less

Want to learn 1 new word a day?

Picture this. Ding! You get an email. Your word is here. You check it when you have time. You read the word, the meaning, listen to the pronunciation… and you’re done. This is the easiest way to learn Polish in 5 minutes a day… or less!

Simple. Easy. Done.

PolishPod101 provides a free word of the day service that you can sign up for.

This is what you’ll see.

learn polish in 5 minutes

How to get it:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a free account
  3. They will offer the word of the day on the second screen
  4. Say yes & confirm the account

3. Polish Video Lessons

  • Time Duration: 1 minute or less

Another simple way to learn Polish in 5 minutes a day is… video!

With video, you can see and hear the language. Very easy to consume and take in.

Obviously, you can learn Polish on YouTube but I don’t recommend YouTube.


You cannot focus there. While you’re watching, you’ll get a more interesting suggestion like “CUTE KITTENS PLAY & YOU”LL BE SHOCKED AT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” or “MAN DRINKS BLEACH” and there goes your Polish learning journey. YouTube is good for entertainment but bad for focus and actual, honest-to-God learning.

It’s like going on a diet while living with a family that only eats pizza – Good Luck!

I suggest you get yourself a Polish learning program with video.

4. Learn with PDF Lessons

  • Time Duration: 2 to 5 minutes

PDFs are the “books” of the digital world.

You can carry these files on your laptop, phone or e-reader, instead of carrying big books in your bag.

So, picture having the same exact textbook that you own… on your phone!

Now, if you have a PDF book like “100 Polish Words,” you can easily open it up while you’re on the bus or train. Then, just read through for a couple of minutes. Super easy way to learn Polish in 5 minutes a day.

polish pdf lessonsHow to get Polish PDFs.

  1. Click here
  2. I have a growing collection of PDF lessons
  3. Download them

5. Learn with Duolingo

  • Time Duration: 5 minutes

Duolingo is a flashcard-type app.

You practice Polish by playing matching games and doing fill-in-the-blank exercises.

No, it’s not a COMPLETE language learning program. It won’t help you speak. It won’t make you fluent.

learn polish in 5 minutes

But, it will certainly help you learn Polish in 5 minutes a day and have some fun.

With learning a language, any start is a good start if it keeps you going.

Click here to visit Duolingo & get the app

6. Learn Polish with Vocabulary Lists & Slideshows

  • Time Duration: 2 to 5 minutes

Want to learn some Polish conversational phrases?

Or Polish adjectives? Or maybe holiday wishes?

Imagine you had a database of lessons that taught you Polish words for all kinds of topics that textbooks don’t teach.

Well, you can get these lessons only here.

learn polish in 5 minutesWhat’s even better is, you can play the Audio-Slideshows to review words instead of just looking at the list.

Take a look below.

learn polish in 5 minutesThis is a great way to learn on autopilot and take in the words.

How to get these lessons for free

  1. Click here
  2. Browse through all the available lessons
  3. And study away

That’s it.

These are some ways to learn Polish in 5 minutes a day.

Remember, don’t feel guilty about trying to find “an easy way”  or a “shortcut.”

Things that are easy to do are easy to continue.

And continuing is the most important part of learning Polish. If you can continue, in 2 or 3 years, you’ll have a VERY strong command of the Polish language.

If you want more meatier, complete ways to learn Polish, check my suggestions below:

– PDF Jeff


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