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Want to confess your love? Good. This is the lesson for you. There are a ton of fun ways to say I love you in Polish. You will learn how to confess love and we will explain under what circumstances you can use these Polish phrases.

Inside this lesson….

  • Learn Polish Romantic Love Phrases
  • Learn How to Respond to I Love You in Polish
  • Includes Free Audio Lesson on Love Phrases

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Part 1: How to Say I Love You in Polish

1. I love you in Polish

  • Kocham cię
  • Transliteration: [Ko:ham chie:]

“Kocham cię” is the most common way to say I love you in Polish. It literally means “Love you.” If you use an online translator to translate from English to Polish, you will see “Ja kocham cię”, but the thing is, in the Polish language the pronoun “I” is almost out-of-use. So, you don’t need the “Ja.”

i love you in polish

By saying “Kocham cię,” you let your lovely person know that you adore her (or him). It’s very easy to say and to remember. The first word “kocham” is pronounced like “ko – ham” and the second one “cię” like “che” in a word “cherry”.

2. “I love you from the bottom of my heart”

  • Kocham cię z calego serca
  • Transliteration: [Ko:ham chie: z cale:go se:rca]

«Serce» means “heart.” So, add the phrase you learned above, “Kocham cię,” to the words words “z calego serca”. You can use this phrase only to a loved one. “Kocham cię z calego serca” is a very emotional and sensual phrase. At the same time, these are beautiful words. Do not hesitate to encourage your loved one with these great words as often as possible.

i love you in polish

3. “I like you” in Polish

  • Podobasz mi się, Lubię cię
    • Transliteration: [Podo:basz mi shie:]

These are the two ways to say I like you in Polish. Yes, just like the English “I like you.”

4. “I like you” in Polish – Part 2

  • Lubię cię
  • Transliteration: [Lubye chie:]

These phrases are weaker than “I love you.” So, if you do not want to speak directly about love and relationships, you can use “Podobasz mi się” or “Lubię cię”.

i love you in polish

5. “I can’t live without you”

  • Nie mogę żyć bez ciebie
  • Transliteration: [Nie mo:ge gytch bez chie:bie]

These words are really strong and this way you can tell a man or woman that you can’t live without this person. Don`t forget, this phrase is way too emotional so don’t use it too much.

i love you in polish

Some more Polish romantic love phrases.

6. I think about you

  • Myślę o Tobie
  • Transliteration: Myshle o tobye

7. You are so sweet

  • Jesteś śliczna
  •  Transliteration: Ye:stesh shlichna:

8. You are my air

  • Jesteś moim powietrzem
  • Transliteration: Ye:stesh moim powie:trzem

9. Adore you

  • Uwielbiam cię
  • Transliteration: [Uwie:lbyam chie:]

i love you in polish

Part 2: How to Respond to I Love You in Polish

When someone says “I love you,” you should know how to respond. Depending on how deep and serious is the “I love you”, you can respond with one of the phrases below.

10. I love you too

  • też cię kocham
  • Transliteration: [Tezh chie: koham]

This is the common way to say “I love you too.” In the Polish language, “też” means “also,” so you can use this phrase to respond to almost all the phrases we’ve discussed in part 1.

i love you in polish

11. I adore you too

  • też cię uwielbiam
  • Transliteration: [tezh chie: uvyelbyam]

i love you in polish

12. “I can’t live without you too” in Polish

  • też nie mogę żyć bez ciebie
  • Transliteration: [Tezh nie mo:ge gytch bez chie:bie]

i love you in polish

13. “I like you too”

  • Też mi się podobasz, Też cię lubię
  • Transliteration: [Tezh podo:basz mi shie:], [tezh chie: lubye:]

i love you in polish

14. “I love you from the bottom of my heart too”

  • Też kocham cię z calego serca
  • Transliteration: [Tezh ko:ham chie: z cale:go se:rca]

i love you in polish

And, you’re done! Now, you know how to say I love you in Polish, how to respond it and various sweet, romantic phrases.

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