How to Speak & Introduce Yourself in Czech Easily

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Want to speak Czech? Yes? Good – keep reading. This is for those that truly want to learn the language. Here’s how you introduce yourself in Czech in 10 easy lines… and this might take you 2 to 3 minutes or less. Take this lesson…

  • You get the Czech phrases and the English translations.
  • Read out loud to practice your speaking.
  • Feel free to print this sheet out for extra review. (Print outs are awesome!)
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How To Introduce Yourself in Czech in 10 Lines

1) Hello, my name is _____, nice to meet you.

Hello” and “Nice to meet you” are must-know, conversational Czech phrases. Any introduction will probably start with these words. You can learn more ways to say hello here. Now, here are some examples of introducing yourself in Czech.

introduce yourself in czech

  • Ahoj, jmenuji se Tom, těší mě.
    • Pronunciation: Ahoi ymenui se Tom teshi mie
    • Meaning: Hello, my name is Tom, nice to meet you.
    • This is an informal way to introduce yourself and can be used by anyone.
  • Ahoj, jmenuji se Tom, rád tě poznávam
    • Pronunciation: Ahoi ymenui se Tom Ra:d tie pozna:va:m
    • This is another informal way to say this phrase and is used by men.
  • Ahoj, jmenuji se Theresa, ráda tě poznávam
    • Pronunciation: Ahoi ymenui se Theresa Ra:da tie pozna:va:m
    • This is an informal phrase for women to use.

Now, here are some formal ways to introduce yourself in Czech:

  • Dobrý den, já jsem Tom, Rád vás poznávám.
    • Pronunciation: Dobri: den ya: ysem Tom, Ra:d va:s pozna:va:m
    • This is a formal way to say “Hello, my name is Tom, nice to meet you.
  • Dobrý den, já jsem Theresa, Ráda vás poznávám
    • Pronunciation: Dobri: den ya: ysem Theresa, Ra:da va:s pozna:va:m]
    • This is a formal way to say “Hello, my name is Theresa, nice to meet you.”

Just substitute your name in the examples above.

Now, let’s learn some more Czech introduction phrases.

2) My name is _____.

To say “my name is” in Czech, you just need the phrase, “Jmenuji se”. Then say your name. For example, if the name is Pavel, it would be like this…

  • Jmenuji se (name)
    • Pronunciation: ymenuji se (name)
    • My name is (name)
    • (formal way to introduce yourself).

introduce yourself in czech

A second, more informal way to say this is:

  • Jsem (name)
    • Pronunciation: ysem (name)
    • I`m (name) . (informal way to introduce yourself).

After someone introduces themselves, say:

  • Těší mě
    • It’s nice to meet you

It`s good if you shake hands too. In the Czech Republic it’s a sign of friendliness.

If you want to ask for someone’s name, say:

  • Jak se jmenujete – formal
  • Jak se jmenuješ – informal.

3) I am from ______.

Where are you from? America? Europe? Africa? Asia? Just stick the name of your country inside this phrase. We’ll use the Czech Republic as an example. You can stick in your own country.

  • Jsem z České republiky
    • I’m from the Czech Republic

After Jsem you can say your country. A few examples for you:


Jsem z Británie.

Jsem z Ameriky.

Jsem ze Španělska.

Jsem z Francie.

Jsem z Číny.


I’m from Britain.

I’m from America.

I’m from Spain.

I’m from France.

I’m from China.

introduce yourself in czech

4) I live in ______.

Where do you live? Just fill in the blank with the country or city (if famous) into this phrase. I’ll use Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, as an example.

  • Žiji v Praze
    • Pronunciation: zhiyi v Praze
    • I live in Prague.

introduce yourself in czech

5) I’ve been learning Czech for _____.

How long have you been learning Czech for? A month? A year? You’ll need to know time duration in Czech for this one.

  • Učím se česky rok
    • Pronunciation: Uchim se chesky rok
    • I’ve been learning Czech for a year.

Učím means I’ve been learning. This verb applies not only to languages, but also to sciences, subjects and so on.

introduce yourself in czech

6) I’m learning Czech at _____.

Where are you learning Czech? At school? At home? This would be a great line to know and use when you’re introducing yourself in Czech. Here’s my example:

  • Učím se češtinu s (insert source)
    • Pronunciation: uchim cheshtinu s (insert source)
    • I’m learning Czech at/with (insert source)

introduce yourself in czech

7) I am ____ years old.

Here’s how to say how old you are in Czech. Just write in the number.

  • Je mi 27 let
    • Pronunciation: je mi 27 let
    • I’m 27 years old.

Here are some Czech numbers for you:

1 jedna
2 dvě
3 tři
4 čtyři
5 pět
6 šest
7 sedm
8 osm
9 devět
10 deset
11 jedenáct
12 dvanáct
13 třináct
14 čtrnáct
15 patnáct
16 šestnáct
17 sedmnáct
18 osmnáct
19 devatenáct
20 dvacet
21 dvacetjedna
30 třicet

introduce yourself in czech

8) I am ______.

What about your job? Are you a student? Yoga teacher? Lawyer for the potato industry? Potato salesman? This is a super important question that people like to ask.

Just use “Jsem” meaning “I am” and add your position. This word can be used for both male and female genders.

  • Plural — My jsme — We are.

For example…

  • Jsem učitel
    • Pronunciation: ysem uchichel
    • I’m a teacher.

Now, let’s make it plural.

  • My jsme učitelé
    • Pronunciation: my ysme uchichele
    • We are teachers.

introduce yourself in czech

9) One of my hobbies is _____.

Now, let’s move onto personal interests and hobbies! My hobbies are languages. How about you? You’ll definitely need this line when you introduce yourself in Czech. Here’s an example to use:

  • Jedním z mých koníčků je četba
    • Pronunciation: jedni:m y moih koni:chku je chetba
    • One of my hobbies is reading.

introduce yourself in czech

10) I enjoy listening to music.

Now, this is just another example line about your hobbies. You can add your own hobby to this sentence structure. Líbí se mi means I like.

  • Rád poslouchám hudbu
    • Pronunciation: ra:d poslouham hudbu
    • I enjoy listening to music.

introduce yourself in czech

You can also say it this way:

  • Líbí se mi hrát počítačové hry
    • Pronunciation: li:bi se mi hra:t pochi:tachove hry
    • I like to play computer games.

So now you know how to introduce yourself in Czech in 10 lines. I’m sure there’s a ton more you can say – but this is an easy, simple start that any beginner can put to use.

– by PDF Jeff

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