10+ Lines You Need to Introduce yourself in Ukrainian

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Want to learn how to introduce yourself in Ukrainian? Great, you will! If you are learning Ukrainian, going to Ukraine or you just have some Ukrainian friends, then this is for you. So, take this lesson…

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Lesson: How to Introduce Yourself in Ukrainian

1. My name is…

  • Мене звати…
  • Pronunciation: Mene zvati…

This is the first phrase you should know. Whatever your name is, just stick at after this phrase. For example,
Mene zvati Mike” or “Mene zvati Bob.” This is probably the most important line you need to introduce yourself in Ukrainian.

introduce yourself in ukrainian

That’s why you’re seeing it first.

Okay, what’s next?

2. Nice to meet you!

  • Приємно познайомитись!
  • Pronunciation: Priemno poznayomitisʹ

Приємно познайомитись” means nice to meet you. This is another useful phrase you need to use when you introduce yourself in Ukrainian. You can say it when introducing yourself or when you meet a person for the first time.

introduce yourself in ukrainian

  • Example:
    • Я Аня. Я теж буду тут вчитися. Приємно познайомитись.
    • Ya Anya. Ya tezh budu tut vchitisya. Priemno poznayomitisʹ.
    • I’m Anya. I will also study here. Nice to meet you.

3. Let me introduce myself.

  • Дозвольте представитись
  • Pronunciation: dozvolʹte predstavitisʹ

When you introduce yourself in Ukrainian, it’s great to say this. Note that you should say this before you say your name. Also note that it’s used in formal settings and not really in casual ones. It would be weird to walk up to a group of girls and say… “Allow me to introduce myself,” right?

introduce yourself in ukrainian

But, it would make sense at some business meeting.

  • For example:
    • Дозвольте представитись. Мене звати Олександр. Мені 20 років. Я з Києва!
    • Dozvolʹte predstavitisʹ. Mene zvaty Oleksandr. Meni 20 rokiv. Ya z Kyyeva.
    • Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Kiev.

3. What’s your name?

  • Як Вас звати? Як тебе звати?
  • Pronunciation: Yak Vas zvaty? Yak tebe zvaty?

Okay, what’s the difference between the two?

Як Вас звати?” is formal. “Як тебе звати?” is an informal way to ask for someone’s name. How would you answer it? Well, if you read #1, you already know. But, let’s review anyway.

introduce yourself in ukrainian

  • Answer: “Мене звати…” – my name is
  • Example: Мене звати Степан. Я інженер.
    • Mene zvaty Stepan. Ya inzhener
    • My name is Stepan. I’m an engineer.

4. What are your hobbies and interests?

  • Які в тебе хобі та інтереси?
  • Pronunciation: Yaki v tebe hobi ta interesi?

How would you answer this question? What are your interests?

  • Answer: “Мої хобі,” which means “”my hobby is or “Мені подобається” which is “I like to.”

Just say…

  • Example:
    • Футбол – це моє хобі. Мені подобається грати у футбол з друзями.
    • Futbol – tse moye khobi. Meni podobayetʹsya hraty u futbol z druzyami.
    • Football is my hobby. I like to play football with friends.

5. Where are you from?

  • Звідки ти? Звідки Ви?
  • Pronunciation: Zvidky ti? Zvidky Vi?

The first one, “Звідки ти?,” is an informal question and “Звідки Ви?” is formal. Saying where you’re from is easy in Ukrainian.

  • Answer: “Я з…”
    • Ya z…”
    • I’m from… .
  • Example: Я з Києва, але вчора я приїхав з Чехії.
    • Ya z Kyyeva, ale vchora ya pryyikhav z Chekhiyi
    • I’m from Kiev, but yesterday I came from the Czech Republic.

6. Where do you live?

  • Де ти живеш?
  • Pronunciation: De ty zhyvesh?

Answer: “Я живу в…”

  • Ya zhivu v…
  • I live in…

Example: Я живу в гуртожитку з моїми одногрупниками.

  • Ya zhivu v hurtozhitku z moyimy odnohrupnikami
  • I live in a dormitory with my groupmates.

7. What’s your job?

  • Де ти працюєш?
  • Pronunciation: De ti pratsyuyesh

Want to talk about your job in Ukrainian?

  • “Я працюю в
    • Ya pratsuyu v
    • I work at

Or, you can say…

  • Я…
  • Ya…
  • I am a…

Example: Я працюю в школі. Я вчитель.

  • Ya pratsyuyu v shkoli. Ya vchytelʹ
  • I work at school. I am a teacher.

8. Do you speak…?

  • Чи ти говориш …?
  • Pronunciation: Chi ti hovorish …?

To answer this question or to say what languages you speak, just say:

  • “Я говорю…”, “Я володію…” or “Я знаю”
    • Ya govoryu, Ya volodyu, or Ya znayu

…Which means “I speak…”

  • I speak English, Ukrainian and Polish.
  • Я говорю англійською, українською та польською
  • Ya hovoryu anhliysʹkoyu, ukrayinsʹkoyu ta polʹsʹkoyu.

9. How old are you?

  • скільки тоби років?
  • Pronunciation: skil’ki tobi rokiv?

If you’re meeting someone for the first time, you’d want to know their age, right?

Now, if you are introducing yourself in Ukrainian, it’s also good to mention your age. The question will likely come up.

  • Answer: “Мені… років”
    • Meni …. rokiv
    • I am … years old


  • Мене звати Андрій. Мені 30 років. Я вокаліст. Я люблю співати.
  • Mene zvati Andriy. Meni 30 rokiv. Ya vokalist. Ya lyublyu spivat.
  • My name is Andrew. I’m 30 years old. I am a vocalist. I love to sing.

10. Are you single?

  • Ви одружений/одружена?
  • Pronunciation: Vi odruzheniy/odruzhena?

You know, just in case you want to ask a Ukrainian girl. Just be sure the phrase where the verb is conjugated in the female gender.

  • To ask women:
  • Vi odruzhena?

“Ви одружений/одружена?” can be translated as “Do you have a wife/husband?

Now, here’s a full Ukrainian introduction. A sample script for you to read. It uses most of the phrases that you have learned above. Why are you getting it? So you can review everything you learned in this lesson.




Всім привіт. Дозвольте представитися.

Мене звати Степан. Я зі Львова. Мені тридцять сім років. Я не одружений. Я займаюся бізнесом вже понад 10 років. Я володію англійською мовою. Я люблю грати в теніс. Спорт – це моє хобі. Моя улюблена музика – джаз. Приємно познайомитись.

Vsim privit. Dozvolʹte predstavitisya. Mene zvati Stepan. Ya zi Lʹvova. Meni tridtsyatʹ sim rokiv. Ya ne odruzheniy. Ya zaymayusya biznesom vzhe ponad 10 rokiv. YA volodiyu anhliysʹkoyu movoyu. Ya lyublyu hraty v tenis. Sport – tse moye khobi. Moya ulyublena muzyka – dzhaz. Priemno poznayomitisʹ. Hello everybody. Let me introduce myself. My name is Stepan. I am from Lviv. I am thirty seven years old. I’m not married. I have been in business for over 10 years. I speak English. I like playing tennis. Sports is my hobby. My favorite music is jazz. Nice to meet you.

Now you know how to introduce yourself in Ukrainian. Want more language lessons?

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