12 Ways to Say How Are You In Ukrainian & Answers

Hey! How are you?

Now, can tell you me how are you in Ukrainian?

You likely can’t, but you will in just a minute. This guide teaches you 10 ways to say How are you in Ukrainian. And, you’ll learn some ways to answer this question. Sound good? Good.

how are you in ukrainian

1. How are you? in Ukrainian

  • Як справи?
  • Pronunciation: Yak spravy?

This is the most common way to ask How are You in Ukrainian. But keep in mind that this is not a formal question. Avoid saying it to your boss, but it would sound great and natural if you say it to a friend.

  • Possible answer:
  • Все чудово!
  • Pronunciation: Vse chudovo!
  • English: Everything is great!

2. How are you? (formal)

  • Як ваші справи?
  • Pronunciation: Yak vashy spravy

If you want to turn the simple “Як справи?” into a more formal variation that you can use while talking to strangers, just add “ваші” (your).

  • Possible answer:
  • У мене все гаразд
  • Pronunciation: U mene vse harazd
  • English: I’m fine

3. What’s new?

  • Що нового?
  • Pronunciation: Sh’yo novoho?

“Що нового?” is a common way to ask someone about things. Especially, if you haven’t seen someone for a very long time. You can use it in both formal and informal situations.

  • Possible answer:
  • Як завжди
  • Pronunciation: Yak zavzhdy
  • English: As usual

how are you in ukrainian

4. How are you doing?

  • Як настрій?
  • Pronunciation: Yak nastriy?
  • Possible answer:
  • Все добре
  • Pronunciation: Vse dobre
  • English: Everything is fine
  • You can translate this as “How is your mood?”

“Як настрій?” is a common thing in Ukraine to ask about someone’s mood. Remember, this question is casual as well. So use this one with friends and people you know well.

how are you in ukrainian

5. How are you doing?

  • Як ваш настрій?
  • Pronunciation: Yak vash nastriy?
  • Possible answer:
  • Все гаразд
  • Pronunciation: Vse harazd
  • English: Everything is all right

If you want to ask this question in a more formal occasion, you can easily transform “Як настрій?” to be formal. Simply add “ваш” (your) to it.

6. How is it going?

  • Як ви?
  • Pronunciation: Yak vy?
  • Possible answer:
  • Бувало й краще
  • Pronunciation: Buvalo y krashche
  • English: There have been better days

This is probably the shortest way to ask How are you in Ukrainian. This phrase is formal. Avoid using it with your close friends. If you want to make it more casual, use “ти” instead of “ви”. This is what you’ll get: “Як ти?” (Yak ty?)

7. How are you? (super casual)

  • Як ти там?
  • Pronunciation: Yak ty tam?
  • Possible answer:
  • Краще всіх
  • Pronunciation: Krash’e vsih’
  • English: Better than anyone else

Here we have a very casual way to say how are you in Ukrainian.

It’s very often used by teens or young people when they’re talking to their friends.

8. How’s life?

  • Як життя?
  • Pronunciation: Yak zhyt’ya?
  • Possible answer:
  • У мене все нормально
  • Pronunciation: U mene vse normal’no
  • English: I’m Ok

Let’s have a look at another common phrase in Ukrainian. It’s not very formal. Ask this question when you meet a close friend, even if you see him / her very often.

9. Well, how are you? (super casual)

  • Ну як ти?
  • Pronunciation: Nu yak ty?
  • Possible answer:
  • Та вроді нічого так
  • Pronunciation: Ta vrodi nichoho tak
  • English: Well, I guess it’s not that bad

This is a very casual way to ask “How are you?”

Ask it when you meet a good friend that you know really well.

The possible answer here is also super casual. It’s very popular among the younger Ukrainians. But you can still reply this way when talking to a good friend that you know well.

10. How is it going? (super casual)

  • Як воно?
  • Pronunciation: Yak vono?
  • Possible answer:
  • В загальному непогано
  • Pronunciation: V zahal’nomu ne pohano
  • English: Not too bad generally speaking

Here we have another very short phrase. It’s casual and simple to memorize. It’s most frequently used by teens and younger people. But you can still use it with a really close friend, even if you’re not a teen anymore.

The reply here is appropriate for any occasion (formal and informal).

11. How are you? (Not common in all regions)

  • Як ся маєш?
  • Pronunciation: Yak vono?
  • Possible answer:
  • Все по старому
  • Pronunciation: Vse po staromu
  • English: Nothing new

This phrase is common in some parts of Ukraine but is also considered outdated in others.

So, what should you do? Well, it’s always good to know as many variations as possible, right? Learn it anyway. If you hear it one day, you’ll be ready to answer it.

Just avoid using it when you meet a person for the first time. When you hear that people in your city or region use it very often, don’t be afraid of using it yourself.

The possible answer, on the other hand, can be used in both situations. It’s both appropriate for a formal and casual occasion.

12. What’s new? (casual)

  • Чим похвалишся?
  • Pronunciation: Chym poh’valyshs’ya?
  • Possible answer:
  • Все як завжди
  • Pronunciation: Vse yak zavzhdy
  • English: Everything goes on as usual

This particular question has no English equivalent. But, you can translate it as “What can you brag about?” In other words, “tell me what’s good.”


Now you know how to ask and answer How Are You in Ukrainian.

Want to remember these better? Feel free to print this page out.

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