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Hi there,

If you’re looking to learn Hebrew questions, then I got answers… wait,  I mean, Hebrew questions. You’ll learn the basic ones that you need for conversations. Like “how are you?” and “what’s your name.”

Let’s jump right in.

Top 14 Hebrew Questions & Answers

Oh, speaking of Hebrew questions..

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  • Top 25 Questions That You Need to know
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1. How are you?

It is always polite to begin your conversation with someone by asking “How are you?” So, this is one of the must-know Hebrew questions.

There are two different ways to ask How are you? in Hebrew. It depends on the gender of the person you are talking to.

  • To a male:
  • ?מה שלומך
  • Ma shlom’h’a?
  • To a Female:
  • ?מה שלומך
  • Ma shlomeh’?

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Some possible answers are:

  • Everything’s fine!
  • !הכל בסדר
  • Hakol beseder!
  • Not so good…
  • לא כל כך טוב…
  • Lo kol kah’ tov…
  • Excellent!
  • מעולה!
  • Meule!

2. How are you doing?

  • Ma nishma
  • ?מה נשמע

This is a more casual way that you can use with your friends.

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You can use the same answers that we have used with “?מה שלומך”, but here is another more easygoing and slang way to answer:

  • Great
  • סבבה
  • Sababa

3. What’s up?

  • ?מה קורה
  • Ma kore?
  • ?מה העניינים
  • Ma hainyanim?

Just like in English these two variants can’t be used in an official situation. The two questions have got the same meaning, but it’s always great to know as many ways to ask “How are you?” as possible.

hebrew questions

The same answers as in point 1 and 2 apply here as well.

4. What time is it?

  • ?מה השעה
  • Ma hashaa?

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You can answer with:

  • I don’t have a watch
  • אין לי שעון
  • Ein li shaon
  • It’s (time) now
  • (Time)עכשיו 
  • Ah’shav (time)

5. What are you doing?

The question has two variations depending on who you are talking to:

  • To a male:
  • ?מה אתה עושה
  • Ma ata ose?
  • To a female:
  • ?מה את עושה
  • Ma at osa?

hebrew questions

Some ways to answer it are:

  • Shum davar
  • שום דבר
  • Nothing
  • Ani oved/et
  • אני עובד/ת
  • I am working (for a male/female)

6. What is your name?

  • To a male:
  • ?איך קוראים לך
  • Eih’ kor’im leh’a?
  • To a female:
  • ?איך קוראים לך
  • Eih’ kor’im lah’?

hebrew questions

The answer to this Hebrew question is simple:

  • My name is (your name)
  • (Your name) קוראים לי 
  • Kor’im li (your name)

7. What is this?

It’s a great question for learners. By asking this one, you can learn a lot of new Hebrew words.

  • ?מה זה
  • Ma ze?

hebrew questions

The format of the answer is easy:

  • This is a/an (object)
  • (Object) זה 
  • Ze (object)

8. Where are you from?

Here is how you can ask about the origins of someone:

  • To a male:
  • ?מאיפה אתה
  • Meifo ata?
  • To a female:
  • ?מאיפה את
  • Meifo at?

hebrew questions

The answer may be a country, city, village or any other place:

  • I’m from (place)
  • (Place) אני מ
  • Ani me(place)

Important note: the prefix “מ” is written with the name of the place together as a unity. Do not separate them! The “מ” stands for “from.”


  • I’m from Tel-Aviv
  • אני מתל-אביב
  • Ani mitel-aviv

9. How old are you?

In this case we have two different ways to ask “How old are you?” for a male and female speaker:

  • For a male:
  • ?בן כמה אתה
  • Ben kama ata?
  • For a female:
  • ?בת כמה את
  • Bat kama at?

hebrew questions

And there are also two different ways to answer this question, depending on whether you’re a male or a female. Here they are:

  • For a male:
  • (your age) אני בן 
  • Ani ben (age)
  • I am (age)
  • For a female:
  • (your age) אני בת 
  • Ani bat (age)
  • I am (age)

10. Can you speak Hebrew?

  • For a male:
  • ?האם אתה מדבר עברית
  • Haim ata medaber ivrit?
  • For a female:
  • ?האם את מדברת עברית
  • Haim at medaberet ivrit?

hebrew questions

Some possible answers include:

  • Yes, I (male/female) can speak.
  • Ken, ani medaber/et
  • כן, אני מדבר/ת
  • No, I (male/female) don’t know Hebrew
  • לא, אני לא יודע/ת עברית
  • Lo, ani lo yodea/yodaat ivrit

11. Where do you live?

  • To a male:
  • ?איפה אתה גר
  • Eifo ata gar?
  • To a female:
  • ?איפה את גרה
  • Eifo at gare?

hebrew questions

You can answer with country, city or neighborhood, depending on the context:

  • (locationאני גר/ה ב(
  • Ani gar/a be(location)
  • I love in (location)

Note: the prefix “ב” is written together with the location’s name as one word.

12. How much does this cost?

This is going to be a very practical question if you visit Israel and go shopping.

  • ?כמה זה עולה
  • Kama ze ole?

hebrew questions

The answer to this question is pretty simple.

1. You may just say the price in numbers.

2. You can give the full answer:

  • It costs (price) shekels/dollars
  • שקל/דולר(price) זה עולה
  • Ze ole (price) shekel/dolar

13. Whose is this?

This is a very helpful question when you want to know who possesses a certain object or item.

  • Shel mi ze?
  • ?של מי זה

hebrew questions

Some ways to answer this question are:

  • It’s mine
  • זה שלי
  • Ze sheli
  • I have no Idea
  • אין לי מושג
  • Ein li musag
  • It’s hers / his
  • זה שלו / שלה
  • Ze shelo / shela

14. When is your birthday?

  • ?מתי יש לך/לך יום הולגת
  • Matai yesh leh’a (male) / lah’ ) (female) yom huledet?

hebrew questions

You will have to know the Hebrew Months and days to be able to answer this question. Here’s how we answer it in Hebrew:

  • My birthday is on the (day) of (month)
  • (Month) ל(day)יש לי יום הולדת ב
  • Yesh li yom huledet ba (day) le (month)
  • My birthday is on the 8th of June
  • Yesh li yom huledet bashmini leyuni
  • יש לי יום הולדת בשמיני ליוני

Now, you know a whole bunch of basic Hebrew questions and answers.

If you’re learning the language, there’s no reason not to know these questions.

If you’re wondering how you’ll ever learn these questions from reading the page once, please don’t. As with all learning, doing things “once” is not enough. It’s never enough.So, print this page out and review it for a few minutes a day. Deal?

– PDF Jeff

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