Bulgarian PDF Lessons: Free & Downloadable for Beginners

Hi there,

Here, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of Bulgarian PDF Lessons. These lessons are perfect for beginners. You’ll learn must-know vocab, phrases, numbers… and even the alphabet.

These Bulgarian PDF Lessons are powerful because… “PDFs” are the digital form of books. So, that means…

  • You can download them and keep them forever
    • Just click on the images below.
  • They are printable. Print them and practice on them.
  • You can review them as much as you want

So, here’s your FREE Access to Bulgarian PDF Lessons.

bulgarian pdf lessons

1. Bulgarian Alphabet PDF Worksheet by BulgarianPod101

If you want to learn to write in Bulgarian, this resource will help you. Not mine but BulgarianPod101’s so I’m just linking it here. You can print out the worksheets and write the words and characters out for practice.

pdf alphabet worksheet

2. Top 100 Bulgarian Vocab PDF Lesson.

Words. You’ll need to know Bulgarian words if you are to learn and speak this language. And by knowing the 100 most used words, you’ll definitely be ready to speak Bulgarian.

This Bulgarian PDF lesson is best used as review material. Don’t read it all at once and throw it away. Review it every now and them to get the words stuck in your brain.

bulgarian pdf lessons

2. 10+ Bulgarian PDF Cheat Sheets  

These Bulgarian PDF Lessons are made by BulgarianPod101. They cover common topics like love phrases, family, travel, eating, hobbies and stuff like that. So, if you want to learn phrases for all kinds of topics, download these.

Each PDF is about 2 pages long or so.

bulgarian pdf lessons

3. Learn the Bulgarian Alphabet PDF Lesson. 

Want to read and write in Bulgarian? You’ll need the Alphabet. And this PDF lesson gives you the Alphabet… AND worksheets for you to practice in. Yes, you can practice with this lesson if you print it out.

bulgarian pdf lessons4. Bulgarian Greetings & Introductions – 39 Phrases

Want to introduce yourself in Bulgarian?

This Bulgarian PDF Lesson teaches you how to say hello, bye and… how to introduce yourself. Everything you’d need for starting and ending conversations.

This one is one of my favorite Bulgarian PDF Lessons. You learn a variety phrases. And variety makes you fluent, so that’s why.

bulgarian pdf lessons5. 76 Bulgarian Conversational Phrases.

What are the must-know phrases you’ll need for conversations?

The questions? The answers? The insults? You get ’em all in this whoppin’ 76 phrase lesson. It’s a bit on the casual side so don’t use these phrases on strangers.

bulgarian PDF lessons

6. 79+ Bulgarian Time Words & Phrases

Can you count in Bulgarian?

Or tell me the days of the week? No!? What about the months of the year? NO!? Well, you’re in luck then. Because I have this PDF Lesson which covers numbers (1-10) and all the fun time-phrases and relevant vocabulary.

bulgarian pdf lessons



More Bulgarian PDF lessons are coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of PDF lessons.

Did you like these? Want to see something else? Or need something explained? Leave a comment below! I read them all and will be adding more and more Bulgarian PDFs with time.

Other learning resources:

Thanks for reading!

– The one and only PDF Jeff

P.S. Want to speak Bulgarian with an easy 3 minute lesson?

Then check out BulgarianPod101. They have 3-10 minute audio/video lessons that get you speaking and understanding Bulgarian. So, if you want to speak and learn this language…

Click here to get a Free Lifetime Account at BulgarianPod101.com

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2 years ago

Thank you! I really appreciate you linking all of these resources, it’s very helpful. I am trying to learn Bulgarian so I can speak more easily with my boyfriends friends and family.