15 Ways to Say Thank You in Ukrainian & How to Say You’re Welcome

Want to know how to say thank you in Ukrainian?

Or…how to say you’re welcome in Ukrainian?

Well, look no further. You’ll learn many ways to say both, “thank you” and “you’re welcome” with this guide. Now, just in case you need a quick answer, then thank you is, “D’yzkuyu” and you’re welcome is, “Bud’ laska.”

But, if you want to learn the language, then continue on down to pick up more phrases.

Part 1: How to Say Thank You in Ukrainian

So, how do you say thank you in Ukrainian?

Take a look below. Please keep in mind though that the words are written in Cyrillic. So, you’ll need to know that first. But, if you’re looking for the English pronunciation, check out the “pronunciation” part.

1. Thank you! – Дякую!

  • Дякую!
  • Pronunciation: D’yzkuyu!

This is the most basic and popular way to say Thank you in Ukrainian. You can use it in any situation, both formal and casual. It’s also very simple to memorize. Just learn it and you would be able to say “Thank you” in any situation. But there are so many other ways to thank someone in Ukrainian, so keep on reading.

thank you in ukrainian

2. Thank you – Спасибі! (variant II)

  • Спасибі!
  • Pronunciation: Spasybi!

“Спасибі!” has the same meaning as “Дякую!” and they are both very common in Ukraine. However, “Дякую!” is a bit more frequently used than the other. Learn both of them and be ready for everything.

thank you in ukrainian

3. Thank you very much  – Я дуже тобі дякую (informal)

  • Я дуже тобі дякую
  • Pronunciation: Ya duzhe tobi d’yakuyu

Here we see some new words that we’ve added to the basic “дякую” in Ukrainian. “Я” is “I”, “дуже” stands for “very much” and “тобі” means “you” (the casual form). You can only say it to a good friend, as it includes the pronoun “тобі”, which can’t be used in a formal situation.

thank you in ukrainian

4. Thank you very much – Я дуже вам дякую (formal)

  • Я дуже вам дякую
  • Pronunciation: Ya duzhe vam d’yakuyu

You can easily transform the previous phrase and make it more official if you add “вам” (vam) to it. Now it’s appropriate for a more formal occasion. Don’t say it to your really close friends, as this might sound a little bit strange.

thank you in ukrainian

5. Thank you very much – Красно дякую (very formal)

  • Красно дякую
  • Pronunciation: Krasno d’yakuyu

This is a very formal way to say “Thank you” in Ukrainian. It would sound strange if you say this phrase to a friend you know well. But don’t be afraid to say it to your boss.

thank you in ukrainian

6. Thanks for your help – Дякую за вашу допомогу (formal)

  • Дякую за вашу допомогу
  • Pronunciation: D’yakuyu za vashu dopomohu

Use this phrase when you want to thank someone for helping you. This is the formal way to say it. If you want to make it less formal and more to use with a friend, change “вашу” (formal your) with “товою” (informal your). This is what you’ll get: “Дякую за вашу допомогу” (D’yakuyu za tvoyu dopomohu).

7. That’s very kind of you – That’s very kind of you (formal)

  • Це дуже мило з вашого боку
  • Pronunciation: Tze duzhe mylo z vashoho boku

You can say this when someone does something really good for you or you are provided with outstanding service. Use this phrase to thank this person.

thank you in ukrainian

If you want to make this phrase less formal say “Це дуже мило з твого боку” (Tze duzhe mylo z tvoho boku). Now you’re ready to thank a close friend for helping you out.

8. Thanks for your kind words – Дякую за добрі слова

  • Дякую за добрі слова
  • Pronunciation: D’yzkuyu za dobri slova

Say it when someone compliments you or simply makes you feel good. You can use it in both formal and casual situations.

thank you in ukrainian

9. I’m very grateful – Я дуже вдячний/вдячна

For a male:

  • Я дуже вдячний
  • Pronunciation: D’yzkuyu za dobri slova

For a female:

  • Я дуже вдячна
  • Pronunciation: Ya duzhe vd’yachna

This is a polite way to say “Thank you.” It’s most commonly used in formal occasions. It’s rarely used among friends.

thank you in ukrainian

10. Thank you with all my heart – Дякую від усієї душі

  • Дякую від усієї душі
  • Pronunciation: D’yzkuy vid usiyeyi dushi

Say it when you want to emphasize that you are really grateful for something. It sounds official, so it’s not a good idea to say it to a good friend.

thank you in ukrainian

Part 2: How to Say You’re Welcome in Ukrainian

When someone thanks you, it’s nice to say “You’re welcome” in return. Here’s how we say you’re welcome in Ukrainian.

1. You’re welcome! – Будь ласка!

  • Будь ласка!
  • Pronunciation: Bud’ laska!

This is the most popular way to say You’re welcome in Ukrainian. The phrase above is good for any occasion, so be sure to memorize it.

You're Welcome in Ukrainian(2)

2. Not at all – Нема за що

  • Нема за що
  • Pronunciation: Nema za sh’yo

That is another way to reply when someone thanks you. It literally means that thanks aren’t necessary at all.

You're Welcome in Ukrainian(2)

3. Always happy to help – Завжди радий/рада допомогти

For a male:

  • Завжди радий допомогти
  • Pronunciation: Zavzhdy radyy dopomohty

For a female:

  • Завжди рада допомогти
  • Pronunciation: Zavzhdy rada dopomohty

Here is another polite way to respond to a person who thanks you. Just remember that there are two ways to say it: one for a male speaker and another for a female speaker.

You're Welcome in Ukrainian(2)

4. No need to thank me (formal) – Не варто дякувати

  • Не варто дякувати
  • Pronunciation: Ne varto d’yakuvaty

Use “Не варто дякувати” when you want to show your respect to somebody. Just don’t use it with friends as it sounds formal.

You're Welcome in Ukrainian(2)

5. I’m glad you are pleased (very formal) – Я радий/рада, що ви задоволені

For a male:

  • Я радий, що ви задоволені
  • Pronunciation: Ya radyy, sh’yo vy zadovoleni

For a female:

  • Я рада, що ви задоволені
  • Pronunciation: Ya radyy, sh’yo vy zadovoleni

This phrase is very formal and polite. Use it whenever you want to express your respect to someone.

thank you in ukrainian


Now you know all the fun ways to say thank you in Ukrainian… as well as you’re welcome in Ukrainian.

If you want to remember these phrases, go ahead and print this page out.

And if you enjoy these quick lessons, leave a comment. I read them all.

– PDF Jeff

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