How to Say Bye in Spanish – 15+ Unique Ways (Audio)

by Micaela Segal de la Garza

You want to say bye in Spanish, right?

Well, the most important word you need to know is “¡Adiós!”

But there’s a ton more! In this guide, you learn 15+ ways to say hello in Spanish. Ready? Keep reading!

Quick send-offs

1. ¡Adiós!

  • Pronounced: ah-dee-oh-ss
  • Meaning: goodbye

This is the most common way to say bye in Spanish. Directly translated as “goodbye,” this farewell can be used no matter your age, gender or relationship to the other person.

While “ah-dee-oh-ss” is universal, in some places it is a very final way of saying bye. 

say bye in spanish

It literally wishes you to go to Dios, or God. Spaniards, for example, avoid it unless they are attending a funeral or sending someone off for an unforeseeable amount of time. 


  • Adiós, amigo!
  • Goodbye, friend!

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2. ¡Hasta luego!

  • Pronounced: ah-stah loo-eh-go
  • Meaning: see you later

“Ah-stah loo-eh-go” is closest to “see you later” and is one of the most used phrases across all Spanish speaking countries. Another good common way to say bye in Spanish.

It means “until later,” which is why you use it with someone you know you will be seeing again.

say bye in spanish

Watch out for the silent letter H and for some accents that skip over or swallow their S-sounds and pronounce the phrase “‘ta luego.”


  • Gracias por todo. Hasta luego!
  • Thanks for everything. See you later!

3. ¡Chao!

  • Pronounced: ch-ow
  • Meaning: bye!

Yes, this was borrowed from Italian. This way to say bye in Spanish is hip, especially in Argentina. It can also be spelled “tchau” or “chau” but always keeps the same pronunciation, “ch-ow”, just like the Italian “ciao.” Use it when saying bye to friends, shopkeepers, and family, but not for the more formal of situations.

say bye in spanish

In Chile they even say “chaíto.


  • Chau guapa!
  • Bye beautiful!

4. ¡Buenas noches!

  • Pronounced: bweh-nas no-ches
  • Meaning: good night

This nightly “greeting” serves a double role. “Bweh-nas no-ches” lets everyone know that you’re calling it a night and you’re headed home to bed.

say bye in spanish


  • Buenas noches, que descanses!
  • Good night, get some rest!

5. ¡Nos vemos!

  • Pronounced: nos veh-mo-s
  • Meaning: see ya

In Spanish, “see ya!” is conjugated to say “we’ll see each other” and can be used anytime you truly plan (or hope!) to see the other person or people again.

say bye in spanish

“Nos veh-mo-s” can be become “nos vemos mañana” (nos veh-mo-s mah-nyah-nah) to “say see you tomorrow.”

In fact, it can be followed by any day of the week if you know exactly when you plan on meeting again. For a more flexible time range, use “nos vemos pronto” to say “see you soon!”


  • ¡Nos vemos la próxima!
  • See you next time!

6. ¡Hasta la próxima!

  • Pronounced: ah-stah la pr-oh-ksee-ma
  • Meaning: ‘til next time

You may hear “‘til next time” when a TV show host signs off, or when you know there’s a scheduled meet-up in your future.

say bye in spanish

“Ah-stah la pr-oh-ksee-ma” affirms there will be a next time. There is also “hasta pronto” and “hasta la vista” meaning “(until we) see each other again.”


  • Gracias por acompañarnos. ¡Hasta la próxima!
  • Thanks for joining us. ‘Til next time!

Leaving or excusing yourself

7. Me tengo que ir.

  • Pronunciation: meh tango ke ear
  • Meaning: I have to go

G2G? Just use “meh tango ke ear” to say “I have to go.” This will quickly end the conversation, and you can add any of the other phrases to further wrap it up.

say bye in spanish

Very useful way of saying bye in Spanish.


  • Perdón, me están esperando. Me tengo que ir. ¡Nos vemos!
  • I’m sorry, they’re waiting for me. I have to go. See you!

8. ¡Gracias!

  • Pronunciation: grah-see-ahs
  • Meaning: thanks

Done? Got what you wanted? If you’ve made an exchange and that was the purpose of your interaction with the other person, you can sing-song the word for “thanks” and with a little hand wave, “grah-see-ahs” serves as a farewell. 

say bye in spanish


  • Pasa buen día. ¡Gracias!
  • Have a great day. Thanks!

9. ¡Véte!

  • Pronunciation: veh-teh
  • Meaning: get out, go away

If you’re really irritated and you want the other person to “get out” or “go away” you should use “veh-teh” to be very stern and clear.

say bye in spanish


  • Véte de mi casa.
  • Get out of my house. 

Advanced Ways to Say Bye in Spanish

10. ¡Que tengas un buen día! or ¡Que pases un buen día!

Both of these wish a “good day” to someone at the end of a conversation.

Since this is such a nice sentiment, you can use this with nearly anyone in any situation.

11. ¡Cuidate!, Te cuidas

A bye is frequently followed by “take care!” and shows that you hope they stay safe and that you care for the other person.

12. ¡Que estén bien!, Portense bien

“Be well!” and “behave” are common phrases that complement other goodbyes, and they’re listed here in the plural form when talking to a group.

When talking to one individual “pórtate bien” would probably be the first choice of Austin Powers.

13. ¡Vaya con Dios! or ¡que Dios los bendiga!

For the religious type, you can wish that the other person “goes with God” or wish “may God bless you.” This is very common in the Christian and Catholic traditions in Spanish speaking countries.

Advanced Written Goodbyes

These next following ways to say bye are used in letters, emails and anything written.

14. Estaremos en contacto

“We’ll be in touch” is great for emails or phone calls to make sure that there will be follow-up.

15. Un saludo

This more informal way to end a letter or email. You’re sending a “salutation,” which in Spanish speaking countries takes the form of a kiss on the cheek.

16. Kisses and/or Hugs

  • Un beso!
  • Besitos.
  • Un beso grande!
  • Un abrazo.
  • Un abrazo enorme! 

When texting or speaking on the phone, chose any of these send-offs individually to represent either hugs or kisses. The variations listed above translates to: A kiss, Kisses, A big kiss, a hug, and a huge hug!” So, use any of the above.

17. Atentamente

Finally and formally, this is the equivalent to signing “sincerely” and your name at the end of a letter. Use it when you want to end the letter or email properly and cordially.

Now you know a whole bunch of ways to say bye in Spanish. And if you already know how to say hello, then you’re well on your way to speaking Spanish.

Now, do you know of any other ways of saying bye in Spanish? Leave a comment.

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