Learn Japanese PDF: Free Printable Lessons for Beginners Inside

Welcome Japanese learners,

Here, you will find a collection of Learn Japanese PDF Lessons. All FREE for you to download, print and learn with. I highly recommend printing as having tangible study material and writing on them will do you MUCH MORE than reading them online ever will.

These Learn Japanese PDF Lessons will cover:

  • Alphabet: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji
  • Vocabulary & Phrases
  • Grammar Lessons
  • Bonus PDF Books I find around the web (that let me post here)
  • Bookmark this page because it will be continuously updated.
  • How to download:
    • Click on the images below to download each PDF.

1. Learn to Write Hiragana & Katakana Workbook.

This is a PDF workbook made by JapanesePod101 (a Japanese learning program.) You can print it out and practice writing out all the characters one by one. Highly recommended.

japanese pdf lesson

2. How to Learn Japanese PDF

What’s the best way to learn Japanese? Hint: It’s not your material, it’s you. This PDF lesson goes over goal setting, learning tactics and the “mindset” for success. This is something Japanese beginners must know about.japanese pdf lesson

2. Japanese Conversation Cheat Sheets from JapanesePod101

JapanesePod101.com is an online Japanese learning program. But, they also give out free resources to complement their program. So, if you wanted the cheat sheets to their main audio/video lessons, you can get them here. On this page, you will find a good 12+ conversation cheat sheets that cover all kinds of topics: family, hobbies, love, travel and more. These cheat sheets just teach you words and phrases.

The link leads you to their library of PDF cheat sheets that you can download and print out. You just need a free account.

Free PDF lessons

3. Japanese Quiz Workbook for Beginners

This is a printable workbook with 35+ beginner-level questions about Japanese grammar and basic phrases. If you started learning and want to test yourself against something, try this one out. Print it out for maximum effect.

japanese pdf lesson

4. Learn How to Write Katakana

This Japanese PDF Lesson contains 10 exercises that will help you master writing Katakana. You should print SEVERAL copies of this lesson to practice again and again. Perfect for Beginners. Click on the image to download.

Learn Katakana PDF5. Learn Hiragana in 1 Hour (Part 1)

This is a down and dirty lesson on how to learn Hiragana QUICKLY from our friends at Linguajunkie.com. It’s a step by step guide on how to learn it faster. No need to print this. Click on the image to download.

Learn Japanese PDF6. Learn Hiragana in 1 Hour (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of the Hiragana Guide from Linguajunkie. By the end of this lesson (if you did part 1) you should be able to learn Hiragana within 1 hour.

learn japanese pdf7. Learn Katakana in 1 Hour Part 1

This is similar to the Hiragana guides above by Junkie. Not quite for practicing (like mine) but some really good tips on learning FASTER. Because seriously, if you’re learning an alphabet apps, flashcards and YouTube vids, you are WASTING time.

learn japanese pdf8. Learn Katakana in 1 Hour Part 2

This is Junkie’s second part of mastering Katakana and useful tips on learning fast. Definitely use this with my guide as well.

learn japanese pdf9. Top 100 Japanese Words

What are the most common Japanese words? in this Japanese PDF lesson, you’ll learn the top 100 nouns, verbs and adjectives. If you’re a beginner, download, save and review this until you master them all.

learn japanese pdf10. 40+ Common Phrases & Questions for Beginners

Aside from words, you should also learn beginner-level Japanese phrases. This quick PDF lesson teaches you common greetings and questions that are used everyday in Japanese.japanese pdf lessons

11. Learn to Write Hiragana

Want to learn to write Hiragana? Download this PDF guide. Even better, print it out and follow the writing instructions inside. japanese pdf lessons12. Japanese Colors PDF Lesson

Do you know your colors in Japanese?

And can you say which color is your favorite? Oh, you will.  This Japanese PDF lesson teaches you the sentence pattern and 30+ most common colors. Go ahead, print it out and keep it on hand.

japanese pdf lessons - colors


You know what’s great about Japanese PDF lessons? PDFs are eBooks.

That means you can download and read them on any device. You can even print them out as “physical” study material.

By the way, please tell me: What learn Japanese PDF lessons would you like to see?

Leave a comment down below with your requests and suggestions.

Also, if there are any mistakes, be sure to report them as well!

– PDF Jeff

P.S. I highly recommend this for Japanese learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Japanese with effective lessons by real teachers – Sign up for free at JapanesePod101 (click here) and start learning! You get 2,000+ audio/video lessons, lots of PDFs, study tools and everything you need and get fluent.
learn japanese pdf

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