FREE Katakana PDF: Write Japanese Easily in 10 Steps

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At this point, you should know Hiragana (click here). Once you know Hiragana, you can move to Katakana. That’s what this lesson is for – learning Katakana FAST. Download the complete 10-excercise sheet Katakana PDF Lesson. This is great for Japanese beginners.

In this this Katakana PDF lesson….
• you will learn how to read and write Katakana properly
• you can practice with worksheets (printable) inside this lesson
• you can print & re-print and practice as much you want for perfection
• there will be 10 parts in total.

I highly recommend you print it out and write on it. Why? You see, by writing Katakana out, it will be imprinted on your nerves, brain cells, muscle fibers and help you learn faster. Nobody learns from reading online articles.

FREE Katakana PDF: Write Japanese Easily in 10 Steps.

Click here or the image to download the PDF lesson
katakana pdf

I’ll continue the Katakana lesson. Let’s press on. In case you’re wondering what Katakana is and why you need it, well… here’s a quick answer.

Katakana is the equivalent of Hiragana. Same sounds. Same readings. Same number of characters. The only differences are that the Katakana characters look different and are used for foreign words from other languages like…

  • your name – for example, Mike – マイク
  • coffee – コーヒー
  • computer – コンピュータ
  • and… scientific/medical terms.

So, that’s why Katakana exists and that’s why it’s used. Nothing else. Below is the chart of all of the Katakana characters that you need to know. Look it over from right to left and top to bottom. As you can see, they mostly follow the a, i, u, e, o pattern. This will be your lover during your Katakana learning process and you will refer to it constantly.

Katakana is a lot more sharper than Hiragana. Hiragana has more rounded and curvy symbols. So check the image below, and you will see arrows guiding you how to write each character.

Katakana PDF

So, let’s learn some Katakana. Don’t worry too much about it being complex. Just pick up a pen and start writing. That’s all there is to it to learn this. It does not require any talent, Just your pen, paper and practice. Remember what I said about physically writing it out.

In this article, and the Katakana PDF (that you should print out), you will find the Katakana writing worksheets that you use to practice writing until you’re perfect. There are 10 parts in total. Here’s parts 1 to 3. Follow the stroke orders and write across in the empty boxes.

Katakana PDF Katakana PDF Katakana PDF

This is just a small sample.

You will find parts 4 to 10 inside the KATAKANA PDF. Click here to download it.

By the time you’re done with this lesson, you should be able to read and write the Katakana characters without much difficulty. My next suggestion for you is to move on to simply learning Japanese. Start reading. Start writing. Don’t worry too much about Kanji just yet. Start putting the Hiragana and Katakana to use.

Let me know in the comments if you found this useful! And I’m done! Looking forward to comments.

~ PDF Jeff

P.S. I highly recommend this for Japanese learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Japanese with effective lessons by real teachers – Sign up for free at JapanesePod101 (click here) and start learning!
learn japanese pdf

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