DanishClass101 Review: Is it a Good Program for Danish Beginners?

  • Type of program: Audio & Video Lessons/courses, Readable Lesson Notes, Study Tools for Lessons
  • Access: Any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android
  • How to learn: Press play on the lessons, follow along, use study tools to drill what you learned
  • Prices: Free account and starts from $8/month
  • For who: Beginners and experienced learners alike. They have lessons for all levels
  • Strong points: Conversations, listening and speaking skills. Reading too if you use the lesson notes consistently.

If you want to learn Danish…

Danish is not a super hot language like Spanish so it’s harder to find comprehensive resources.

But, DanishClass101 is one of the few Danish learning programs out there.

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Click here to visit DanishClass101 for yourself.

DanishClass101 Review: How you learn Danish and how it works:

When you first join, you set your level: from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

And based on your level, you get your very first lesson. You press play on the audio or video lesson.

You then get a Danish native teacher or 2 that start teaching you phrases and conversations. Basic conversations like “Hello, my name is… What’s your name? Nice to meet you.” Your job is to follow along and listen. Lessons build upon one another so you that you progress and review old phrases at the same time. And… that’s it. That’s how it works.

The lessons themselves range anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes in length. For example, you can check out a free lesson at the link below. No sign-up required.


And it will look like this. Press the play button. Listen along. And in the meantime, you can scroll down…

danishclass101 review

Below the lesson is the dialogue section. You can switch between Danish and English translations. You can use this to read along, or just practice and replay each line of the conversation.

The useful thing about the Dialogue tool is that you can replay and review Danish conversations… instead of just listening to a mess of words fly over your head. You can read them. You can hear them. And you can review as much as possible. So, with the Dialogue…

  • You get the lines from the conversation in audio and text.
  • You get the translations
  • You can review each line until you get it
  • You can practice speaking with the voice recorder (see the microphone icon in the image above.)

Lessons also come with a vocabulary section. Look below. So, when you’re done with a lesson, you can review the words from the lesson.

  • Review the words from the lesson
  • Play the audio at normal and slowed down speed
  • Review the words with the flashcards, wordbank, slideshow or quiz

What else? Well…

There’s also the lesson notes. The lesson notes provide explanations for the grammar you learned in the lesson. You can even download and print these notes out if you want.

With the lesson notes, you can….

  • Read as you listen or take a lesson
  • Or, review afterwards
  • Print them or save them as PDFs.

Now, when you’re done with a lesson, you mark it done and DanishClass101 feeds you the next lesson in line.

And there are quite a lot of lessons. As a member, you get full access to their lesson library of Audio/Video lessons for all levels: from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

Take a look below.

What else is there?

In my opinion, the lessons are the meat and potatoes (the main important parts of the program). But, DanishClass101 also offers other study tools to help you master those lessons and the language.

  • WordBank – You can save words from lessons here. It’s your “Bank” of words.
  • 2000 Core Word List – The 2000 most common Danish words.
  • Flashcards – Flashcards you’ll need to drill words and phrases.
  • Voice Recording Tool – To practice speaking and perfect your pronunciation
  • Dialogue Tool – Breaks up conversations into individual lines
  • Premium PLUS My Teacher – Gives you an “on-site” teacher you can interact with via their Messenger
  • App Access – So you can learn on your phone
  • Lesson Quizzes – To review words from the lesson
  • The Dialogue Track – Listen to (and download) the Danish dialog only (no English)
  • New Lessons – They add those every week
  • Downloadable & Offline learning – You can download lessons to keep and review offline

Should you learn with DanishClass101? Do I recommend it?

Sure. If you’re interested in Danish, DanishClass101 is worth a try.

For me, the lessons, the dialogue tool and the dialogue track are important features. Why? I like listening and reviewing conversations. And since they release new lessons often, that’s more practice for me. I’ll save the Dialogue tracks, make them into a playlist and listen to them on my phone.

I check the lesson notes for the grammar. But, I copy and paste the grammar explanations out to keep for myself and review later.

I like the Word Bank because you can print your word lists out (there’s a printable option.) I’m a big fan of physical material.

But, I’m not a big fan of digital flashcards. I find them very boring but that’s just me. The quizzes are pretty basic. The 2000 core word list is a bit much for me.

There are quite a lot of study tools to use. That may be overwhelming and is a downside to their program. New learners may get confused in trying to figure out what to use and what not to use. Or, spend a lot of time trying to use everything. That’s why I chose to just follow the lessons and the conversations.

  • So, if you’re new to the Danish language, I just recommend following their lessons.
    • You can figure out the rest as you go along.
  • If you’re an experienced learner with your own learning style, you may have to play around and see what study tools you like. And that can be a downside – you may not like anything.

DanishClass101 also has lot of promotions and sales (lots of emails). So, if you like it and choose to become a member, you can avoid paying full price.

  • If you’re interested in a LIFETIME membership, you can learn more about it here (click here). This particular offer is only promoted during their holiday sales. Lifetime may be useful for serious learners who want the program for life, and not for Absolute Beginners that are just trying to learn a few words.

So, click here to check out DanishClass101 & get yourself a Free Account.

I hope you enjoyed this DanishClass101 review.

– PDF Jeff

danishclass101 review

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