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Looking for Free Korean PDF Lessons and eBooks? Great! Bookmark this page because it will be updated with new PDFs documents, and books all the time. Also, send it to any Korean learner that’s looking for some basic Korean lessons. It will really help me grow my little site!

Why are Free Korean PDF Lessons so great? With PDFs, you can…

  • Save them and keep them forever. They’re digital books.
  • Review as many times as you want – yours to keep.
  • Print them out as physical study material that you can write on.
  • Click on the image or blue links to download them.

1. Top 60 Korean Conversational Phrases eBook.

This is for beginners. Just an assortment of casual phrases, questions and answers most beginners should know. In no particular order but great to know overall.

free korean pdf lesson2. How to Learn Korean.

This is one of my favorite Free Korean PDF Lessons by Linguajunkie.com, added here with permission. You will learn successful study habits that will actually help you succeed. But, there’s a big but. You must take action and apply these. Otherwise, it’s “self-help advice” that we all know but don’t do.

free korean pdf lessons3. Korean PDF Cheat Sheets by KoreanClass101.com

Here, you get a big collection of Korean conversation cheat sheets. They cover all kinds of topics: slang, business, food, love, and much more. Basically, words you should by now. All of these are 1-2 pages long.

korean pdf lessons

4. Learn Hangul in 1 HourWant to learn to read and write in Korean. You will need to know the Alphabet which is called “Hangul.” This Korean PDF lesson teaches you Hangul in just 1 hour. But, you must follow the directions closely.

korean pdf lessons5. How to Count in Korean – 1-100: Do you know your Korean numbers?

This PDF lesson makes sure you will. You will learn to count from 1 to 100 and learn a bunch of relevant phrases along the way.

korean pdf lessons

6. Introduce Yourself in Korean PDF Guide. This Korean PDF Lesson teaches you to talk about yourself in Korean. Your age. Where you’re from. What your hobbies are. This is a great lesson for all Korean beginners.korean pdf lessons

7. Korean Love Phrases PDF Book. Since you’re learning Korean, you clearly like the language. And so, you’ll clearly LOVE this “Love phrases” eBook. Get all the 24 ways to express your love fluently.

korean pdf lessons love

8. 10 Korean Conversations for Beginners: One great way to “speak more Korean” is to review other’s conversation and dialogues. Why? You get a template of things you can say yourself. Plus, you end up learning plenty of words, phrases and grammar rules at once.korean PDF Lessons

9. Collection of 70+ Useful Korean SentencesAside from conversations, you should also study sentences. Why? Well, like mentioned above, you get words, phrases and grammar rules all in one. And you can memorize them for your own use. Instead of learning words like “bread,” you learn “I like to eat bread.” A bit more useful. Then if you see “I like to eat apples,” you get a basic idea of how to state your likes.

korean pdf lessons

10. Korean Greetings & How Are You’s – 34 PhrasesWith this Korean PDF lesson, you’ll learn all the “hello,” “bye” and “how are you” variations. You’ll need these if you want to have simple Korean conversations.

korean pdf lessons

11. Hangul PDF Workbook. Want to practice writing out Hangul characters? Then you’ll want this Workbook by KoreanClass101 (Korean Learning Program.) You can print it out and write out the characters in the provided spaces. Very handy.

korean pdf lesson

Stay tuned, more coming soon.

Want more FREE Korean PDF Lessons? Leave me a comment and tell me what kind of topics you want covered – vocabulary, grammar, example sentences, culture, learning strategies and such. I read all comments and will make more Korean PDF Lessons based on them. That’s why they call me – PDF JEFF

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P.S. I recommend this for Korean Learners – if you want to REALLY learn and speak Korean with 1,000’s Audio & Video lessons made by Korean teachers, be sure to check out KoreanClass101.com and click here. It’s a useful online learning program for self-learners.3koreanclassNEW2